Barbara Kramer Dickinson County Commissioner District 3
Barbara KramerDickinson County Commissioner District 3

STate Budget restored!

I am happy to report that on December 4, the Michigan Legislature and the Executive branch have struck a deal for Veto Restorations and a Supplemental Budge Package. The restorations directly affect our county budget, our hsopital, law enforcement and our schools.

You can read more by clicking this link:

August 2019 Announcements!


DICKINSON COUNTY — The State Land Bank Authority announced the creation of a county land bank in Dickinson County and other places downstate. Creation of the land bank will provide the county with additional tools to assist in returning vacant and blighted property back to productive use.

“Creating Land Banks in these communities is a positive step toward transforming vacant properties in the Upper Peninsula, Mid-Michigan and Thumb regions,” State Land Bank Interim Director Jeff Huntington said. “I am certain their efforts will serve as a valuable economic and community driver and I look forward to working with each Land Bank in the future to help strengthen and revitalize their counties.”

The State Land Bank works statewide to help communities with blight and abandoned or vacant property. Creation of a land bank at the local level creates more opportunity for greater engagement within the community as well as returning unproductive properties back to the local tax roll.

“Creating a land bank authority in Dickinson County opens up many opportunities for our community. Our hope is this land bank allows us to eliminate blight and create more economic opportunities for our county,” said Dickinson County Treasurer Lorna Carey.

Prior to the creation of a local land bank, the state was the primary resource for land banking in Eaton, Dickinson and Huron County. With the creation of these local land banks, the state will move into a supporting role, helping these counties as needed with technical assistance for demolition and redevelopment as well as other tools needed as they build their teams and begin work in their official capacity.

In addition to the State Land Bank’s 2,500 available properties, local land banks also have inventory with a number of available properties. Visit to view the statewide listing of properties and to locate your local land bank.


Commissioners Wender and Pirlot at meeting

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - Dickinson County Healthcare System welcomed public comments Wednesday, during an open hearing regarding the application for the $24.6 million federal loan.

Questions filled the conference room as community members were able to ask about the USDA Rural Development loan.

"I think this went extremely well. I'm very pleased with the outcome,” said Interim Chief Financial Officer Jerry Worden.

There wasn't an empty seat in the room.

One person asked if this loan is really necessary. Worden said this is needed for the future of the hospital.

Half of the $24.6 million loan will be used to refinance the hospital's current debt. The other half will be used for new technology.

One community member stated it is necessary to upgrade technology because that is what keeps the hospital moving forward. DCHS members agreed.

"I am very pleased with the questions, the statements, the support that we heard from the community,” said Worden.

Another community member stated DCHS needs to focus more on their care and less on competition. Worden said this was a great statement.

"I couldn't agree more that we need to be more focused on delivering and maintaining good quality care here."

Community member Henry Wender said he thinks the public is very worried about the future of the hospital, but they hope for the best.

"We're all hoping that the USDA loan goes through."

Former Congressman Bart Stupak said the meeting seemed to be a success.

"We appreciate all the support in the community, the county board, the board of trustees for the hospital have really worked hard at this. Yesterday the State Director Jason Allen was here and he said of all the application loans he's seen this is one of the best he's ever seen."

They plan to submit the loan application by August 26. The DCHS Board hopes to hear back from the USDA about this loan by the fall. This would allow it to be on the current fiscal period.

Pine Mountain News

Great News!!! Governor Whitmer announced today that Pine Mountain will be receiving financial support from the Great Lakes Sports Commission and MEDC. Improvements will bring the World Cup back to Iron Mountain and open up the possibility of year round training opportunities. This support will make our Giant Pine Mountain and the Kiwanis Ski Club sustainable far into the future. Thank you to all whose efforts brought this tremendous opportunity to fruition. Ongoing KSC Fundraising is an important part of the funding package. Please donate at


Lake antoine Park beach wall build is COMPLETE!

Help restore and improve the LAKE ANTOINE PARK BEACH! The old wall is long gone. Erosion has taken its toll. A new wall is necessary to preserve the beach for future generations. It will be reminiscent of the old wall. Designed as a "sitting wall" only 2.5 feet high, it will provide unobstructed views of the lake. The new wall will define an area of fresh clean sand, and expand the beach to 370' X 35' (from the water's edge). 1200 blocks are needed to complete this project.  Construction begins on June 1, and we need those blocks to get it done.

You have the option to purchase as many bricks as you wish. All donors' names will be listed on a plaque, unless anonymity is requested. Your donation will also be acknowledged by Lake Antoine Park Partners. Thank you for your generous support. Follow this link to place your order:  Not comfortable with online purchases? Request a mail-in form. Email Or click the links below for more information.    We'll be glad to accommodate you.

LAPP Beach and Park Donation Form.2019.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [195.7 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [486.4 KB]

ROBOtics first district competition at Kingsford high school

Congratulations to IM ROBOT 7020 for placing 2nd at District Competition in Kingsford. The IM team was made up of three 7th Graders and one 8th Grader and this is only their second competitive year! They have a great future in these competitions. 
I had the opportunity to meet the mentors/parents from Rochester MI. They gave me a quick lesson in how the tournament works and invited me into the Pit area (see pictures) to see all of the fantastic machines these kids build from scratch. IM ROBOT 7020 is the last picture in this series. Amazing!
Thanks to Bonnie Clifton Greenleaf for keeping me up to date on the competition. Her daughter is on IM ROBOT TEAM 7020! Go Hailey!

Upper Peninsula Arts & Culture Alliance in dickinson county

had the opportunity to host the UPPER PENINSULA ARTS AND CULTURE ALLIANCE QUARTERLY MEETING on March 7 and 8. Lots of great feedback from our Creative Community and a tour of the Downtown Tavonatti Murals. Thank you Braumart Theatre for hosting our Evening Reception.

Dear Friends,

My goals for 2019- 2020 are to:

  • Rewrite the Dickinson County Master Plan to guide future planning and economic development
  • Update the County’s Recreation Plan for DNR grants
  • Review and update Commissioner Policy and Procedures
  • Continue Lake Antoine Park improvements through fundraising, capital campaigns, grants and County appropriations
  • Continue my membership on State and County committees, and
  • Support the employees and retirees of Dickinson County Healthcare System

It will be my great honor to continue to serve all people of Dickinson County.  I am resourceful, focused, intelligent and productive.  I have the experience and knowledge necessary to be efficient and effective as a county commissioner. I have proven I can get the job done! If you reside in District 3, please vote for me on November 6.  If you live elsewhere, please share my achievements and plans with others. Thank you!


Barb Kramer

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them".                     – Albert Einstein –

Beliefs and Values

Unprecedented challenges require bold leadership to find the right solutions. 


The time has come for us to proactively and aggressively seek out new options for growth and development for Dickinson County so that the tax base expands and reduces the burden on our residents. County Commissioners no longer have the option of sitting back and simply maintaining the status quo. As a County Commissioner, I am committed to working with local government leaders to develop long-range strategic plans and goals for economic, recreational and cultural development. We will strive to make our County more attractive for our residents and to individuals and businesses that are considering making Dickinson County their home. 

Your Voice Will Be Heard

I like to converse with my constituents in personal encounters.

We can meet for coffee and conversation about your concerns.  Send me an email or give me a call to set something up.  


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